Sunday, January 13, 2013

2/52 a portrait of my children

Every week for a year. Joining in with the portrait project at che and fidel.

Claudine:utterly non-plussed at the dismantling of her toys, bedroom and home because, (in high pitched tones) "we're going to live at the beach!"


  1. Beautiful, Max. Little girl meets huge sea and sky. Hope the packing has gone OK. xxxx

  2. And who wouldn't want to live at the beach
    in fact I'm going to live at the beach next week

  3. Gorgeous photo. If only...the beach....It's freezing subzero here in London :) x

  4. love this shot! such a great action photo x

  5. Claudine is the most gorgeous name! I'm loving this 52 project. Kellie xx


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