Tuesday, January 15, 2013

best EVER find. Op-Shop Show-Off -15 Jan 2013

not a new find, an old find, circa 2010. but easily the most frequently used and admired by us find. once on our save up so one day we can buy it list, we truly couldn't have been happier if we'd have found a pillar box red kitchen aid, new in its box for $15!

a roll of chef knives.  zwilling j a henckels, solingen, germany.  ominiously, one missing...

after brief speculation that the missing knife had been used in a bloody homicide, we settled on the rather more plausible theory, given our sleepy little town hasn't had a murder in 20 odd years, that the missing one had been left behind when the original owner (an  's. chapman' according to the engraving on one of the knives) hastily took off with his knife roll under his arm in a Gorden Ramsey-esk strop, that knife perhaps still perched in the trout he was descaling or somesuch when his cheffy integrity was challenged (before abandoning his roll and his whites at his lodgings, rent unpaid, and going bush.

anyway, they make food prep, and story making-up, a pleasure, even if we don't know what some of them are for!

what was your best-ever second hand find?

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  1. Oh wow! awesome find.
    I have an awesome tip shop find and Im not sure if I ever blogged about it...but if I did I'll link it up or write a post. It was an Armoir painted a pretty blue for $8.

    1. ooh, this i HAVE to see (sounds like my kinda dream find too!) x

  2. Ive linked up! My best find lately..a green vintage coat for a $1!! Looking forward to seeing everyone elses finds! Oh and good job getting the knives still in box! Love it when that happens! x

    1. that coat is amazing, i LOVE that folkloric look. and a dollar, my kinda pricing too lol! x

  3. Awesome set! The kitchenaid thing did make me laugh.. Its the sort of thing i can imagine people fighting over! x

  4. Or perhaps the ex-chef took his filleting knife with him to assist in his new 'hunter-gatherer-off-the-grid' lifestyle? I'm still dreaming of a kitchenaid myself. I can't think of a standout op shop find...although finding a set of 6 folding wooden chairs circa 1940 free at kindy with a sign attached 'we will pay you the dumping fee' does rate up there!

  5. yep that's a great find all right - im married to a chef so I can vouch for the lifestyle change good knives will bring!!....ill link in my last oppy post...got lucky which is weird for this time of year...it doesn't include todays find...a complete set of vintage billiard balls!...kids have spent the whole day rolling them down our floorboards in the hallway. cheap entertainment for $2!.
    Allison x

  6. Thats a great find and one you know you're going to get alot of use out of! I can only think of my picnic basket being the best find for 4 dollars :)


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