Tuesday, January 29, 2013

claudine at st clare's Op-Shop Show-Off Jan 29th 2013

naughty-but-nice, naught in the way only an enid blyton character could be-stealing strawberries from a garden, pushing someone horrid into a swimming pool, she was my heroine as a pre-teen (imagine, an enid blyton heroine, what a wild child i was!) i filed her exotic-sounding name away for future girl baby use. i found i still loved the name 3 decades later when i dredged it up from my mind and it trumped verity as the name for our first born. i've been collecting editions of the book, the fifth from a series of nine, staight-laced and stilted boarding school stories for her. i particularly treasure the eldest copy, from 1954 (it was first published in 1944) which terry inscribed and gave me on the valentines after claud was born to celebrate our first year as a family. the later copy is the cover version i read all those decades ago.

so thus i have these editions, from 1954, 1982, 1972, 1996, 2005, and i am always on the hunt in second hand bookstores with a kids section and op-shops for further editions with different covers. do keep your eye peeled for me.

are you collecting anything you would like us to keep our eyes peeled for?

where did your childs name come from?

are you an op-shop show-off?

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  1. I loved Enid Blyton growing up too!! Il will keep my eyes peeled. I collect vintage brass frames with silk pictures in them

  2. love them!. Claudine is such a beautiful name...love that its a childhood connection for you. will certainly keep my eyes peeled for you here in oz.
    am linking up but am having camera issues grrr....I`ll be back!
    Allison x

  3. Oh I remember reading the St Clare's series, and Mallory Towers, of course! What a lovely Valentine's present to receive. I will definitely keep an eye out for copies for you.
    Claudine is a gorgeous name. My eldest is Claudia! Owen and Nina are the other two, chosen purely because we like the names, no particular connections, though my other half is Welsh so there was a bit of a link there with Owen.
    I am having NO charity shopping luck at the moment so I have nothing to link up with, but as soon as my fortunes change, I will! xxxx

  4. I wondered what inspired Claude's gorgeous name. I will def keep my eyes open for you Max, although I rarely op-shop these days (thus my lack of contributions to your op-shop show off thingy) I hope you're well, when is the babe due? I wonder what you are going to call him???

  5. Good finds max! We named our boy Percy after Percy in Thomas! And things I collect...I collect salt n pepper shakers. Doing a post on them soon actually..so I will link that up when its done!! x

  6. I will keep my eyes peeled too! My kids are still not back at school, not til the 7th of Feb up here! So not much op shopping when the handbrakes are on! As for their names, Hunter is an old family name on both my parents side, both my grandfathers have is as a middle name, and uncles on both sides. But he's the first to have it as a first name. It's also become much more popular over the last 12 years! Miss Lucy is named after my pony a beautiful fiesty piebald she was too! S:)

  7. Great find!! Hopefully they are good stories too. I am planning on joining in your link when I find stuff! I have just finished my dollhouse - I would love you to have a look! Suz:)

  8. I read all the St Clare's and Mallory Towers too as a kid and loved them. Great finds. Most of my Children's books come from Op-shops. I always have a look at the book section and have a box of op-shopped books that I keep in the cupboard that we pull out on a Friday night for our weekly family 'Matthew Award'(for the child who best demonstrates 'do to others as you would have them do to you' from Matthew in the Bible). The kids can't wait to see if there are new books to choose from in the box and it is the highlight of the week for the winning child. They never let us forget to do the Matthew Award! Cx

  9. At the moment I'm collecting Johnson of Australia, no kids as of yet but something old school will definitely be a source and yup, I'm definitely an oppie show off. Will be linking in with you this year (and hopefully within the next few weeks!). Such a great idea! Kel x

  10. I would love to say I collect just one thing. Perhaps if it had to be one, it would be Poole China. I love the murky colours, ergonomics and thin light china that feels as if it should be plastic.
    I used to read the Trixie Beldan books. It took year befroe i realised that her older brother's "Jalopy", was a wreck of a car not a type of car.

  11. I will look out for these for you, Claude is going to love it when she's older. Though when she's a wildchild you'll have only yourself to blame!

    I'm not sure where my kids names came from - I have Jake Rhys and Isaac Che, but they suit them!

  12. What fun...finding Claudine's name in a much loved book! Just hope that if I find a copy it'll be one you don't already have! x0x

  13. I love this - what a fun collection. I came over to visit from An Angel in the garden. I had to read the story about Claudine's name & I'm so glad I did. :o)

  14. I missed this post too!! Doh! You will have a couple of 'awaiting moderation' comments from me tonight!

    I am a huge Enid Blyton fan, but I have no idea why I've never come across Claudine! I am going to keep my eyes peeled in the oppies for these books.. Great collection. Your girl will love them when she's older. I tend to collect crockery/linen etc with Irises on them, for Iris when she's older of course..

    Looking forward to seeing more of your funky collections.. x


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