Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Op-Shop Show-Off Jan 8th 2013

lets talk presents. specifically op-shopped presents. secondhand present giving-is it ok? is it something you do?

our family are op-shopping enthusiasts through the generations (the mother-in-law even volunteers at our local salvation army shop) and so we make a point of giving each other an op-shopped present for christmas, and we are in no way adverse to them at any other gift-giving time of year either!

most of my friends and family will have at some point received an op-shopped gift from me, though they may not always have known it. some just can't see the amazing, cool, just-what-they-wanted gift for their secondhand phobia and i have a compulsion to covert them (by stealth if need be!).

anyways, here's what we gave-and-got this christmas :-

for me from him, a couple of sweet wee kokeshi's for the sweet wee kokeshi collection

especially welcome after i decided over a year ago to collect them after these finds and subsequently hadn't found a single one. maybe Julia linking her kokeshi finds a couple of weeks brought some kokeshi finding luck to these parts!

for him from me a national trust 'his lordship' mug. turned into a tourist by the
stately homes on our last trip to the england he coveted these impossible to adequately photograph mugs at the time.

for her this beautiful children's book which explains wabi sabi (as discovered here). 
a pleasant surprise to find out that Fishpond, the NZ online bookseller do secondhand ($5 and free post vs RRP about $40 new, is my kind of second hand bargain!).

are you an Op-Shop Show-Off?

it’s charitable, green, cheap, exciting, fun, nostalgia inducing, potentially lucrative and often just plain necessary. whatever your reason for op-shopping we’d love it if you joined us on Tuesdays here at blackbirdhasspoken.blogspot.com for Op-Shop Show-Off day, a linky open to all, all week, to link up a blog post about any aspect of your second-hand shopping life.

tell us your op-shopping philosophy, or divulge your secret hunting techniques. let us know about your wants, or skite (English translation= “show-off “) about your amazing finds. review the best op-shopping spots in your town, or request or give information on your fascinating finds, you’ll always be talking to an appreciative audience here.

How to link up?

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  1. I love op-shopping. I love bargains, I love that there is always something different in the same store. I love old things, treasures. I also love making them into new things - sometimes. Sometimes the treasures are prefect exactly how they are.

    1. hear, hear. my sentiments exactly x

  2. strongly believe in the second hand gift - love it!

  3. I am terrible at op-shopping... I wish I had a better eye! meaningful gifts are the best :)

  4. Big fan of the op shop gift, wish the rest of my family were as in to it as I am.....I would love to just do second hand for christmas and see what goodies people can find!

  5. Love the dolls. Thrifted gifts are the best! Cx

  6. This is timely! I just did a post featuring my latest op shop find. I'll add my link to your post and edit mine to link back! I love op shopping, I'm better at finding 'stuff' than clothes although I did find a great denim jacket on my last excursion. I have given op shop gifts, though I usually describe them to the recipient as vintage rather than op shopped!

  7. I've got a growing collection of kokeshi dolls, a few thrifted ones when I'm lucky :) the very first two of my collection were op shopped.

    I've given thrifted gifts often, I don't always let on though :)

  8. Yes! Its all I do. or I try make things. but I love opshopping/garage sales, hand me downs and finding perfect gifts for family and friends. And luckily for me, my family do the same so when it comes to gift giving its very exciting! Ive got a post to do for next tuesday ready!

  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE op shopping! I will totally be joining in with you this year!!

  10. Hi Max! Your op shop blog post popped up in my inbox just now and I just had to come over and meet another soul who is op shop obsessed! I have my own blog about op shops over here in Perth - doing reviews of the ones I pop into - and then sharing lots of op shop love on the facebook page. I love it, I seem to now live and breathe it haha. I'm glad to have come across your blog and look forward to reading about all of your wonderful finds. I hope to join in the linky party too. I'm new to those but I think it's time to get involved. Oh and yes, giving thrifted presents is totally allowed. I know at a time friends and family may have raised their eyebrows if they found out their gifts were second hand, but now, they know that it is just a given - that's what they get from me! Speak soon, Kel :) www.yougotthatatanopshop.com


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