Thursday, January 3, 2013

want to see something cool?

no, not the yule log. that's more yum than cool

and no. not the kid. she's more cute than cool

i  know! isn't it the best gift for a person who thinks the occasional, judicious, injection of a rude word into convo is cool!

Kylie you rock (and did you see it on Design Sponge today?)

i did try it out on the mother-in-law. unfortunately she didn't have her glasses on, sigh! however once we pointed it out to her and she moved on from her hiding -my-amusement-school-marm-moment she asked to loan it to take food to her fishing club pot luck dinner. heh!

platter from douglas and hope 


  1. great plate. and love the decorated cake too.

  2. Fuck Yeah! I love it. That yule log looks lush too.
    I sometimes think it's a real shame my kids can read. (well the little one is learning, but I reckon he could figure out Fuck)

    Happy New Year to you all xx

    New Year's Resolutions of the Stars!

  3. It's brilliant, I want one! Especially for school coffee mornings... xxxx

  4. Hi Max,
    glad it went down well with your m.i.l. (she sounds alright actually)

    love your buche noel (spelling?)

    hadn't seen f yeah it on Design Sponge (wasn't sure Grace etc had started posting again for 2013 so thanks for that)

    You lucky duck winning all those lovely prizes the other day. Woweee!


  5. Bahaha. I'll have to introduce you to local designer 'Shit's about to get dainty' - you would love his work, actually hoping to get him to do a little exhibition at the cottage some time this year. Hope all is well with you guys. x

  6. Very funny! What a game m-I-l you have there ;)

    Happy New Year Max x

  7. haha, that rules! i love that yule log too. how cute!

  8. Thats possibly the best plate ever. And so very appropriate to put a delicious looking cake onto!!!
    XO Samantha


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