Sunday, February 10, 2013

6/52 portraits of my children

claudine: double crown and lovely long locks of all shades from dark brown to white blonde is going to grow her hair "...for ever and ever and that's the end of it!"

the weekly-for-a-year portrait project @ che and fidel


  1. Good luck with your hair-growing, Claud!
    How are you, Max, and how's that Boy Belly doing? Can we have a photo of it please? Well, you really, not just the belly! I had a dream I was pregnant again this week, I was NOT happy, and woke up feeling very anxious, until the relief flooded over me that it was just a dream. (My three are enough to go on with, and I'm too ancient now!) But there is still something about a pregnant woman that makes me go a bit dewy-eyed.... xxxxxx

  2. Cute! Hey you are one of the winners of my little giveaway. Can you please email me your address so I can pop it in the post? Thanks:) Suz

  3. HI Max, thanks for stopping by so I could find your lovely blog again. Wish I could grow my hair like that again. These days it never gets past my shoulders.


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