Tuesday, February 5, 2013

are you a new zealand blogger?

Bloggers Connecting

If yes, you may want to know about this, if you don't already. 

Around the Table - Bloggers Connecting' is a NZ blogging conference happening meet-up type thing, on April 12-14 2013 here in Christchurch. There are Q&A, workshops, craft classes, time to chat, screaming newborns cute newborns to cuddle (mine), goodie bags, even a Sunday craft market. Come along! it'd be so cool to meet you in person. there are 14 places still available, so get in quick!


  1. Not yet, still a couple if weeks to go. He cant come yet, i dont have a functioning kitchen or washouse at the moment so early arrivals banned, at least until the weekendcwhen it might be done!

  2. I am so there and so having a cuddle!!

  3. Correction- only 9 places left! :-)
    So excited to see all the names rolling in and can't wait to cuddle with your newborn when he arrives!

  4. Oh put me down for a cuddle, if I get the chance (sadly I work in my cottage Saturday)


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